Bbad Bulldogs focuses on raising healthy and well structured, quality English bulldogs in Quebec, Canada. Daily interaction and the early development of our Bulldog puppies is closely observed to help form wonderfully balanced temperaments. Excellent nutrition, daily exercise and health tested parents are essential components to the success of our breeding program. 

Healthy puppies start with Healthy parents

Our Bulldogs are OFA tested with their CHIC certification 


Puppies Available !!

Born March 8, 2023

Moana x Cosmo

BBAD stands for our sons' initials.

Brandon  Bryan  And  Devon

Tel: 819-212-5758


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Hi, I'm Janet Coates, I'm a Bulldog breeder. Together with my spouse, Rodney, our 3 sons Brandon, Bryan and Devon, we own BBAD Bulldogs.  

We are located in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, Canada. We live in a large farm house on 3 acres, with a 100 acre Christmas tree plantation surrounding us, permitting our Bulldogs a free-range 2 km walk most days.

Our boys love playing with and helping to train our Bulldogs.  I worked in health care, public service and the Christmas trees all my life. Rodney and our oldest sons have continued in the raising of Christmas trees while I am now enjoying raising and showing my Bulldogs with my youngest son, Devon.

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Moana & Devon at a Dog Show